Catfish for Lunch is supported by Rights Working Group, a coalition of more than 340 local, state and national organizations formed in the aftermath of September 11th to promote and protect the human rights of all people in the United States. Its principal author is Kung Li, a researcher and consultant based in East Point, Georgia.  In a previous life, Kung Li was an attorney and then the executive director at the Southern Center for Human Rights, specializing in criminal justice systems reform litigation.

The blog is an interwebs-based continuation of the final workshop at the Securing Our Rights in the Information-Sharing Era: A Convening on National Security, Surveillance & Immigration Enforcement conference in December 2011.  The workshop mapped out points of intersection between the criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and national security apparatus, trying to better understand the ongoing consolidation of these systems.

There are two Catfish posts a week – a news roundup on Monday and an analysis/opinion on Thursday. Opinions are those of Kung Li.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.  The name Catfish for Lunch is a hat tip to the consistently high quality bloggery at Grits for Breakfast.

Thanks for dropping by.


One thought on “About

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out/homage to Grits. Very flattering. Good luck with it, you’ve picked a fascinating nexus of subjects.

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