Suspicious Activity Reporting – What to Report

The good people at Public Intelligence today posted a training video for line officers on what sorts of nefarious activities to report to the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative (NSI).   In the International Association of Chiefs of Police produced video, the baritone narrator tells the local police officers:

You are the nation’s strongest force in the fight against terrorism. As a frontline law enforcement officer, you are trained to recognize behaviors and activities that are suspicious, and your daily duties position you to observe and report these suspicious behaviors and activities.

Like other criminals, terrorists engage in precursor actions to carry out their plot for destruction. They make plans, acquire materials, engage in intelligence collection, and often commit other criminal activities in support of their plan. These actions produce activities or behaviors that may be suspicious, indicators of what may lie ahead, or possible pieces to a larger puzzle. By identifying, documenting, and sharing information regarding suspicious behaviors and activities that have a potential terrorism nexus, we will all be better prepared to prevent future terrorist attacks in our communities.

Not so helpfully:

How do you identify terrorism behavior? Anyone can be a terrorist.

One of the activities that “should be documented when observed” is

Photography, observation, or surveillance of facilities, buildings, or critical infrastructure and key resources beyond casual, tourism, or artistic interest, to include facility access points, staff or occupants, or security measures.

The BJA funded training video for local police is being rolled out in conjunction with the advertising blitz to promote DHS’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign for the general public.

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