DHS’ Quotas for Deporting Immigrants with Felony Convictions

Not much hoopla about this when it was release the day before Valentine’s Day earlier this year. Ok, no hoopla at all. But here it is, the Department of Homeland Security’s Strategy Plan for the next four years.

Amidst limpidity (“Objective 3.2.1: Eliminate the conditions that encourage illegal employment” “Objective 3.2.2: Prevent fraud, abuse, and exploitation, and eliminate other systemic vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity of our immigration system”), these hard numbers:

Number of convicted criminal aliens removed per fiscal year: 210,000 in FY2012; 224,000 in FY2013; 244,000 in FY2014.

Flip forward to Appendix B, where the three Priority Goals for FY2012 are laid out. Sandwiched between strengthening aviation security and increasing disaster resilience by making sure every state has plans in place, is this: 

Priority Goal 2: Improve the efficiency of the process to detain and remove criminal illegal immigrants from the United States. By September 30, 2013, reduce the average length of stay in immigration detention of all convicted criminal aliens prior to their removal from the country by 5%.

Two things of note. First, reducing length of stay by 5% frees up enough bed space to accommodate the increase in deportations using the existing number of hard beds. Second, the administration apparently sees no political downside to publicizing a deportation quota so long as the targeted group is criminal aliens.

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